Thursday, November 3d, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Busy day. I would like to study for mental improvement but am kept too fully occupied. First thing after getting out of bed & washing – prayer & bible reading. Cooked breakfast, cornmeal mush, fried bacon & cocoa. Dinner jelly bread & lemonade . Supper cornmeal mush, fried bacon & lemonade. Housework is that cause of so much time being taken from my days.

Visitors at No. 2. 7.

Wrote & copied 5 letters; 3 to notify Hawaiian officers that Philippines belong to Australasian Division so American officers will not be necessary. Letters (2) to D.O. (2) Rosie Young, (3) Maud Sharp (4) Letter to Brig. leutz New York notifying her of Comd’t H. Booths letter & requesting her to learn if Consul and Com. Booth-Tucker sanctions me making a tour in Australia & writing the country up for War Crys. Also sent a letter to Capt. E. H. C. Lentz of U.S.S. “Monterey”. Asking permission to hold service in his vessel bet 10 & 12 next Sabbath. This in place of “Charleston” which sails for a cruise today among the Southern islands of the Archipelago. The newspapers are confirming the reports that the U.S. will keep the Philippines. Praise God.

Called at the post office and U.S. Commissary.

After supper walked over to Place [Plaza] de Phillip II barracks & in the courtyard led a meeting with the artillerymen. 35 present. Private Hines & Lloyd of 1st Montana Infantry testified. No souls forward. Got light from candles in lanterns. Visited Hummer and Amie of H. battery who were in bed unwell. Prayed with & for them.

Weather warm & shower. Caught some fresh water.

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