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Sunday, November 20th, 1898

Cavite, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Weather comparatively cool when one refrained from exertion.

Cooked breakfast and supper. Up early. Private Clayton Scott came for me before 8am. Breakfast & dishes washed we sauntered leisurely down to the Pasig & arrived there in time to go over to Cavite on the ferry boat. Arrived in the latter town after a run of little more than an hour, a row boat manned by 10 sailors in charge of a a coxswain, came to the wharf for us & in a few minutes set us on the U.S. monitor “Monadnock”. The officer of the deck Lieut J. P. Parker or Paker received us as did also Lieut C. P. Perkins. Seats were brought out & a table to the aft upper deck just beneath the muzzles of the 2, 10 inch rifles. An audience of 24 encouraged us with their presence. Had several petty officers including 1 or 2 lieuts at the service. No souls forward. After service Sailor Hanson by request of Lt. Parker showed us around the vessel. We were then put ashore by the boat’s crew that took us out.

Called at Mr. W. B. Silver‘s American restaurant to get dinner. Mr. W. Silver treated both of us without changing a cent. Going out of the city gate, Scott & I passed the American sentry. Sergeant-major Keohane of A. Battery Cal Heavy artillery, overtook us & made Scott turn back. No enlisted soldiers could go to San Roque (held by the Insurgents) without a pass. Turned & got aboard a new ferry boat, the “Napindan” which left Cavite at 2 p.m.

Scott paid all ferry expenses.

Arrived in Manila earlier than we expected & found Sailor Lille & another sailor from the U.S. “Charleston” waiting for us.

After supper U.S. soldiers gathered at No. 2 from various regiments _ 16 _ & a meeting was led by me. Comrades testified & sung. The Lord set his seal upon the service. At the close 3 soldiers kneeled at the table – one – a backslider, for reclamation. Duane H. Kennedy, Battery L. 3d regt U.S. Art’y; & 2 for sanctification. Geo. Wortsen, Co. E. 1st South Dakota vols & Emil Wold, Co. E do reg’t. all 3 claimed victory.

I authorized Private Frank Amie H. Bat’y, 3d Art’y to collect money for me at his request. On the Monadnock distributed War Crys, No. 565, Sept. 24th ’98 (15) & No. 567, Oct. 18 – ’98 (15)

M. Nagerb F. Hashim, Syrian, formerly of No. 7 Calle Gandara now of No. 1 San Jose St. dropped in to see me. Said we were getting No. 2 too cheap; is worth $50 a month; pays 33 for his house much smaller than this; rents gone up. I do not know why he hinted at this. May want the house for himself.