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Saturday, May 6th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Cloudy, windy and hot, but the breeze when one is exposed to it takes away the sense of the unusual heat. I arose early, read a chapter in Numbers, and a psalm, then after prayer cooked breakfast, but was too much pressed for time to wash dishes.

That I might catch the evening U.S. mail I forced myself to copy from pencil into ink the article for “All the World” – London England. Rewrote parts of it. With the copy mailed 2 photos – scene on the Pasig river, and front view of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena. Wrote & copied a letter to the Foreign Secretary, 101 Queen Victoria Street, London Eng. & addressed the envelope to him as per Maj. J. Bond’s request. In a separate package sent a photo of myself. Before sealing the envelope to For’n Sec. I took Jolo street car to Quiapo Dist. & called at The Imperial Gallery. Discovered my films to be so badly torn that I shall probably lose almost all. I am very sorry for this. Heron’s portrait was not ready & Freeman’s was too badly mutilated to be of any use so could not forward them to London. While at the gallery purchased several photos.

Returning dropped in at the post office, mailed the “All the World” copy, got shaved in a Spanish barber shop o the Escolta, purchased some bacon for my larder & called at the only news stand (bone fide) in town to see if anything new was to be had. While there a soldier belonging to the 23rd U.S. Infantry accosted me. Asked if my name is Milsaps. Yes. Waited to make my acquaintances as he read my two articles re the Philippines in “Harbor Lights”. Invited him to call & see me at No. 2.

Private Andrew Waterman, Co. H. 1st South Dakota Vol. inf. paid me a visit. Looks thin & is badly run down from too much fighting and hardships. Only about one-third the requirement is fit for active service. Waterman said he took part in 14 actions. The Lord brought him thro’ unscathed. Before returning to his quarters we had prayer together. W. gave me U.S. & Mexican silver equivalent to $2 U.S. coin. The Lord’s tenth. Waterman said he is keeping close to Christ. Promised to come over to 2d Reserve Hospital & help me if possible tomorrow afternoon. I gave W. 20 miscellaneous San Francisco War Crys to distribute among his commanders.

Bro. Clayton Scott made around to No. 2 later. Talked re various matters & prayed before he departed. Said Chief Norton granted him leave of absence tomorrow forenoon to assist me in Bilibid prison.

For Waterman I made a cup of lemonade.

The copy for “All the World” covered 10 pages MS.  & was divided into the subjoined sub-heads. “Fire & Blood”, “Passes Many”, “Homeless”, “Peculiar Environments”, Thru Old Women & a Boy”, “Out at the Front” and “The Montana Tent”.