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May 22nd-99

Lots of Niggers in sight in the open. A little shooting. The 9th is out in skirmish line. An Amer. is in command of perhaps 800 to 1000. Last night they [threw] up five entrenchments about half way across the open towards the h’d’q’t’s tree, and their double line extends from their main trench by the church on the shote to away back north almost to Smith’s Run Cliff. I watched them all a.m. with a glass, and had a few Mauser shots at officers at 1300 meters. We are all anxious, and orders are to sleep with boots on. If they should attack the church we could hold them off until reinforcements came. Cool today, with occasional showers. Slept nearly all p.m., and will write to Tops now. All light visible to the insurgents are “douched” & the outposts are strengthened.