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June 3rd-99

Three Co’s of Neb. came to Taguig about midnight. Scouts and outpost No. 1 had quite a heavy scrap about morning. And early Co’s D, I and a batter D, 6th U.S. Art. were on the march, arriving at Pasig at noon. I ate with Co. B. We were all more or less disappointed as we tho’t we were going after Pio [del Pilar]. Two battalions of N.D. & two of 12th Inf. joined and with eight Co’s of Wn on the rt., led out across the stone bridge, going about N. along the San Mateo river on the east side. Both sides being in ruins. Col. left; scouts deploy to rt. and out and we followed in col. of fours across a very level field fully 4 mi. wide –to the hills, which are covered with branches of trees and green sleeps between. We scared the first outposts from a platform lookout in a mango tree when half across. Col. Half left in line of skirmishers and soon had white spots going for the hills, mostly women. “R’t half turn” bro’t us to a deep creek and as we mounted we were fired upon at about 600 yds. and swung into action. We were sent forward by rt. & left. rushes until our rt. was in Cainta. There in the open, were fighting from 2 to 6 p.m. Meanwhile the 12th and N.D. had gone thro’ Cainta. We went slowly to the rear. The niggers tho’t that they had us whipped, and set up a yell, but the 12th & N.D. were to take our line, their lft, was to connect with rt. Of Gen. Hall’s brigade before Taytay ¾ mi. to the east. Then to take Antipolo and Augono [Angono] where the niggers have five modern guns. The Wn. were to go to Morong, cap. of province of same name, to cut off all retreat.