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July 30 -Sunday, 1899

2 of 21st killed last night and 4 wounded to N. Wn took outposts of 21st in a.m. Cable connection to Taguig established yesterday –25 miles of ocean cable. Their attack last night was a failure –yet they shot several heavy guns at us.

Cable says grub is on the way. The Gov of city helps us keep the niggers in city quiet. At noon the Art. located their trenches, and they responded by a heavy fire, mostly mausers.

Was eating. Two bullets came thro’ the house and we fell in, and started out to support our outposts far out across the river.

Forded H²O then in line of skirmish picked up the outposts who had fallen back before the attack, and drove the rebels thro’ a corn field. 21st and 4th Cav kept on and the battle swept on. The fight was hard for an hour, then after two more hours of hunting we came back. It was a daisy of a fight. River had raised 15 in. on account of rain in hills and was hard to ford.

While we were north fighting, the niggers tried to enter city from S & W, but after a quick sharp skirmish they retreated. This is the 1st time we were ever really attacked by a heavy force since St Ana & Sn Pedro.

There were about 5000 revels today. Aggies favorite fighting Reg., 12th red-panted boys, were there. 21st had two killed. But rebs were badly cut up.