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July 30-31, 1910

Each day I marvelled at the sea, clear as a spring water. Until now I had never seen such nice clean sea water, the beautiful vegetation and the fish in it. I rowed each day to the nearby neighbouring islands, but from many interesting events, Saturday the 30th of July remains forever in my memory. We were hunting all day on the island of Popanag and in the evening five of us returned once again, tied our boat to a tree at a bank, and went hunting. Meanwhile, waves came and smashed our boat and we were in great danger of the Moros. At about midnight a Moro took us by boat to our island. The next day, Sunday, was roll call, as it was the last day of the month, and immediately after this I went to the other side of the island and with great difficulty brought our boat back. We were repairing it for the entire next two weeks.