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September 26, 1941

The taxi situation is interesting. Cabs outnumber private autos 2 to 1. They drive on the left side of the street and the steering wheel is on the right. Their driving is atrocious and they toot their horns incessantly. You can ride anywhere around Manila for 15 or 20 cents. If a person was inclined to have a big shot complex, this country would certainly foster it! Next below the taxis come a lot of Austins, with the back cut out so that you can step right in and sit down on a board seat. They carry 4 fares and are a high class native taxi. After that come the horse cabs, about a million of them. Every time I see them I think about Dad and the small deer at Sequoia. He should see these horses! they are about the size of those Sequoia deer! They have high wheeled cabs and the horses are only about 3 1/2 feet high. They look ridiculous!