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8 Dec ’41

Called at 0345 by Lieut. Comr. Grandfield, War Plans Officer of Cavite Navy Yard, stating that hostilities had begun. Conference on veranda with Executive Officer Capt. L.J. Roberts and Dr. C.C. Welch, Hospital War Plans Officer. To yard at 0700 to confer with Commandant. Orders secured for immediate sand bags and lighter for transfer of medical stores to Mariveles and Manila. A 50 kw lighting unit was secured and installed in the hospital power house.

Alarm at 1000, Clark Field being bombed. Worked all day on hospital security, sand bagging the hospital and loading supplies on lighter from Supply Depot. Lighter away at 2200 in charge of Pharmacist Mate Henson. Medical stores from the hospital had previously been distributed in four different places about the hospital grounds, also 48 caskets had been removed from the Supply Depot to a garage and the space utilised for the storages of six-hundred cots and mattresses from the yard Supply Officer.