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December 8, 1941

Without me knowing Japan declared war on the U. S. A. Hawaii was bombed. Over the radio on Monday morning at 6 – AM we heard this news. None of us could believe it. We went to work at our regular time. Patrols were sent out all day long, and at 3 – PM they started to come back to Nichols. Some had engaged Japanese planes, and had bullet holes in them.

We evacuated our barracks at 6 – PM, and moved out to gun positions surrending [surrounding] the field. I fell asleep at dark. It is only fair if you stop to think that Japan at that time was actually forced to declare war against the U. S. A. Study deeper in the cause of Japan’s step, which was never her choice.

Suddenly I woke up. I got up on my knees and faced the hangars, instinctively; as I did the world seemed to blow up in my face. We were bombed by either one or two, high – flying bombers. I later learned they came in on a radio beam, an& also, flares were sent up around the field. This took place at about 10 P. M.