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Dec. 9/41

Several Air Raid alarms early this morning but no planes appeared, At 1:50 pm, 65 bombers flew over city towards naval
base at Cavite when they literally levelled it, killing many hundreds and wounding hundreds more. It has been unofficially
stated that three thousand were either killed or injured at Cavite.

When the planes flew over Manila the anti-aircraft went into action, but it was pathetic the way they performed-the
shells exploding only about half way up, and only very few at that, It can be truly said that the city of Manila had no protection whatsoever against bombing: no anti-aircraft and no bomb shelter, It was gross carelessness on the part of those responsible for the defense of the city.

(Another question we should all like an answer to is “why were most of our planes destroyed on the gound at Clark Field when they had over ten hours’ warning?” Something seems not quite right)