Dec. 31/41

Since Dec. 28th there has been no air raids, as nearly everything has been removed to Bataan.

Seven officers, including myself, and 2 soldiers were slated to remain in Manila with about five hundred patients. Last night however, we were notified that we would leave tonight or early January 1st. I cared little whether I stayed or went. 9 [A] hospital ship left at 9 pm tonight for Australia with about 200 totally disabled patients. Col. Carroll was in charge of it.

I went by boat to Corregidor, leaving Manila at about 3 am, January 1st. We collided with a boat in the harbor, causing minor damage, only, and throwing one person overboard who was picked up by a lunch [launch]. A huge
fire was burning in port Area when we left. In fact, we had to pull out in the harbor to another pier because of the intense heat.

I talked with my mother at about 12 midnight, Dec. 30th. It was a great thrill and pleasure to hear her voice. In fact, that moment stays clearer in my memory than any other.

Six hours later all civilian communication with the US was cut off.

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