January 23, 1942

Nothing caused more exasperation and hate than seeing the Nips driving our cars. There were more unprintable words uttered when internees recognized their cars being driven into the camp by cocky Japanese! Catesy gritted his teeth every time he saw his car entering the camp. The indignity of being politely pushed out of his new car was bad enough. But it was far worse to watch a grinning Japanese soldier driving his car like a demented cowboy, while several high Japanese dignitaries on a rubberneck tour of Santo Tomas sat in the back seat.

We had a few dipsomaniacs, nymphomaniacs, and women who followed the oldest profession in the world.

The most colorful and notorious prostitute was Tientsin Mary! Her brassy voice, coarse laugh, and dancing hips were a familiar sight to everyone in camp. Her activities were discussed with avid interest, and it was whispered that in addition to an already full schedule, she shared her favors with the Japanese soldiers.

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