Saturday, January 24, 1942

Second air alarm, Eleven planes flew near the Central, in clear view, at 12:30. Again report came later that they were U.S. planes looking over airfields on this island. This Central is between three landing fields.

Talked with Major Jones (Capt. Jones before) to ask whether army could help me get milk and tomato juice for children. He is sending Mr. Amechagurra to find hidden milk and other stocks of Chinese merchants, and at point of gun Mr. A.—in the name of U.S. Army—will force merchant to let me have on credit (chit to be signed by me)
any supplies I need. This is kind of the army, but I don’t like this way of getting supplies for the children. There is no further voluntary credit and I have no money. I need supplies and since Jim is in the army Maj. Jones thinks the above procedure permissible. | fear enmity of the merchant involved since I must sign for the goods in person
after they have been confiscated by the army for me.

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