May 1st 1942

Conditions have improved & little, Mainly due to our own efforts, the food has been improved by the issue of a little wheat flour. Some native beans and a small issue of cocoanut oil, about once every 10 days, 3 or 4 small calves are brought in. Our strength is about 8000 – 9000 with about 60,000 P.A., On the other side. The death rate goes up, still no medicines, The Philippine Red Gross has been refused permission to come into camp. Why? Our Hosp. is more of a death house than a hospital. Some of our Dr. are like some of our line officers – no good, some are wonderful. Our water problem thanks to our men and. officers is 100% better, After days of trying, we finally have 2 pumps working both day and night. In this way, we can build up a little reserve. Of special commendation are Maj. Wm. A Gay Coee (REG) U.S.A. for his great work in finding and laying pipe under almost impossible conditions and otherwise ably assisting me. When the Japs would turn off the water in our camp so that they could have enough to take bath, either Gay or I would watch for Japs while 7 other turned the water on. To Lieut Fred. S. Whiteneck (Temp) C. of F. USA and Lieut. Loyd H. Nelsey (Temp) C. of E. USA, in charge of pumps who kept them running and in repair with nothing. Both of whom, though seriously ill, refused to quit. To these 3 especially, do many American Officers and soldiers owe their lives. I thought we were going to lose Kelsey. He was too sick to move. I had to take a Dr. out to him on two occasions. We did lost some of our men who with the lack of food, literally worked themselves to death. Sanitary conditions are beyond description. We were issued 10 picks and shovels, then required to turn them in at night 4:30. These were to dig latrines, kitchen sumps and bury our dead. Finally, after much protest we wore allowed to keep them. By digging day and night, we can keep the latrines dug, the graves no, At one time we were 50 bodies behind. The Col. & generals are to be transferred elsewhere, A little extra food comes in vie the American truck drivers. It is sold at terrible prices. So far I have gotten little or none.

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