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May 3, 1942

We are still taking a beating from the Jap artillery. Bombers came over several times today and dropped their loads, but the real military damage is done by the artillery on Bataan. The Japs are just as accurate with their artillery as they are with their bombs, and they seem able to place their fire just where they want it. We evacuated a few people tonight—Col. Irwin among them. Was sorry to see “Pete” go, for that makes me the last remaining member of the original USAFFE staff. The people who went out are all surplus, and there is nothing they could do here—except Pete. It means just so many less people to feed. One of the mortar batteries blew up yesterday because of a hit in the magazine, and one of the mortars, weighing several tons, was blown out of the pit for a distance of about 200 yards. It fell on the golf course. I suggested to Dick S. [Sutherland] last night that some action be taken to move Gen. W. from here. Things have now arrived at a point where there is nothing much for our staff to do. We could all be much more useful in another theater. However there are only two ways to get people out of here now—sub and plane.