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Sun. Aug. 6/44

Last Sunday, when I wrote, we were having a rainstorm, which lasted several days, but in the middle of the week it cleared up, and we had exceptionally nice weather for the rainy season. It has showered twice today. The main item of importance this past week was the dysentery scare, and it is not over yet. We have no hospital in our part of the camp yet, and we have carried the stricken ones over to the other camp in numbers. One day we took twenty-five. None have died yet, but the disease is very weakening, and we feel that we must conserve our strength for what lies ahead of us. The other boys are occupied as usual, but I have been transferred from the woodpile to helping Professor Eaton. He is the camp mechanic, and at present we are fixing the stoves and flues in the kitchen. News is scarce, but rumors rife!