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November 17, 1944

1:25 p.m. On my way to my office, I met Major Sato who was introduced to me by Mr. Pio Duran at the first parley of the League of Patriotic Filipinos, He was asking me to go with him to the headquarters of the league (MAKAPILI), but I could not go because of my appointment with Saito Koyzo in the office of the Kobe Marine.

2:20 p.m. Proceeded to the Kobe Marine to keep my appointment. There I met Major _________________ and Captain _________________ The Major inquired about our league activities and he asked me what-my rank would be in the newly organized league army. I answered him that according to plans I was to be designated colonel and he jokingly answered that in that event I would be two ranks his senior officer, * * *