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The PCAU Units – Capt. Green & Maj. MacKinsey – fed us from their gasoline ranges this A.M. There is much griping about “seconds” from the pts. They can’t realize that they can’t eat a full messkit of stateside food as they would with rice.

There was much artillery fire on our part the last two nites with same return of it; hence, there has been little sleep & everyone is jumpy. Several psycho cases were hanging on the bars this A.M. like a bunch of monkeys. They started a hunger strike, said the Americans were starving them. I called Col. Allen, surgeon 14th Corps who promised to evacuate them to Tarlac Tomorrow.

The guard co. of the 148th moved out today. We have 39 M.Ps. here, many entrances to guard, 600 barrels of gas in the old Nip M.P. compound, there are Nips who have recrossed the river & 105’s, 155 how & 4.2’s back of us (the latter right back of us). The 2nd Bn. Hdq. has pulled out. In other words we have a hospital on the M.L.R. I was up a good part of the last two nite because of the barrage & it is going to be worse tonite. I talked to Lt. Col. Pariso, I.G.D. who is interviewing all P.O.W. so that a correct list can be sent to the States. He seems very intelligent & admits the situation is bad but nothing can be done. The Nips are in pockets throughout the city & are suicide squads, making it difficult to dislodge them.