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[18 March 1521]

3. Departing from those two islands, they sailed westward to an uninhabited island of “Gada” where they took in a supply of wood and water. The sea around that island was free from shallows. (Albo does not give the latitude of this island, but from Pigafetta’s testimony, this seems to be the “Acquada” or Homonhon, at 10 degrees North latitude.)

Partiendo de estas 2 islas, fuimos al Oeste a dar en la Isla de la Gada, que es deshabitada, y allí nos fornecimos [proveímos] de agua y leña, y es muy limpia de bajos.

Leaving these islands, we sailed W., and fell in with the island of Gada [Acquada; Homonhon], which is uninhabited, and there we provided ourselves with water and wood. This island is very free from shoals.