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25 April 1792

As the fresh northerly breeze would enable us to reach the vicinity of Cape Bolinao by dawn, and definitely did not allow any other course which might have been preferable, we decided to continue towards that point with the dual object of using it on our return to confirm the results of our subsequent work, and to make best use of the sea breeze in the morning. We were able to carry out this plan, even though there was a calm early on the morning of the 25th and a few squalls from the SW, because these were brief, and were dissipated as the Sun rose and the land breeze set in. Although the wind was moderate, we were able to make observations for longitude one and a half miles from Cape Bolinao, and at noon, on the parallel of the point, we were in latitude 16°25′4″ and longitude 1°6′00″.

Having concluded our observations and with the breeze now settled in the west, we altered course to E by N and ENE, heading for Arigayo Point with the intention of anchoring in its lee and collecting firewood and water nearby. As the wind allowed us to make five or six knots, we were able to anchor in the early hours of the afternoon and, early the following morning, we were ready to set sail with the land breeze. When we had cleared the points we tried to measure bases for the purpose of surveying the coast, as we had done the previous day, but all our attempts were in vain. Bearings could not be taken in less than a quarter of an hour, nor could they be observed within less than three or four degrees. We therefore abandoned the attempt, and only took observations for longitude on the meridians of prominent features and of latitude on the parallels of others, with the double objective of using them as a comparison for our work on our return and to allow us to make good the most convenient course at night.

At noon Santa Cruz River bore S85°E, the entrance to Candon Bay N38°E, Santa María Point N20°E, and Mount Sobobalo N16°E, at which time our position was latitude 17°2′48″ and longitude 0°35′20″[west of Manila].