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Wednesday, October 26th, 1898

It has raigned pretty near all Night but the day is clear and hot until 6 pm we had a heavy Storm and it got quiet chilly fell just like a Night in November at home we where vaxinated again at least the most of us we had Regimental parade in the Evening on our Street we had fresh Meat and 3 good Meal this day Cuite christopher Little and Beatty where send to the Guard house at 11 clock by the Captain for leaving Quarters after Taps Conn Knotts and Herrington are on the Sick List

It has rained pretty near all night but the day is clear and hot until 6 p.m. when we had a heavy storm and it got quite chilly. Just felt like a night in November at home. We were vaccinated again, at least most of us. We had a regimental parade in the evening on out street. We had fresh meat and three good meals this day. [Gilbert] Cuite, [Frank] Christopher, [William] Little and [Curtis] Beatty were sent to the guard house at 11 o’clock for leaving quarters after Taps. [George] Conn, [George] Knotts and [Charles] Herrington are on the sick list.