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Monday evening, May 23, 1898

Anglo-Saxon Leadership

The seas control the trading activities between the continents. The political and economic power of a nation cannot be separated. This is the reason for Spain’s pathetic state. The huge trade basins of the globe, basically dominated by England, are still the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. About 300 years ago, the economic power moved from the Mediterranean countries to those of the Atlantic. Today, we are witnessing the creation of a new sphere of commerce in the Pacific. The immense basin which lies between the Russian part of Asia, China and Australia, on one side, and the two Americas, on the other, is destined to be an area of immense wealth. From now on, the future is assured for those who settle in these areas, and power is assured to those who will rule over them. Europe, in its blindness, does not realize that if England and the United States agree to dominate both the west and western Pacific, there will soon be no place left for the other countries.

Economic slavery is the heaviest burden of all, and its yoke is the strongest. It is is this slavery which destroys the original qualities of the people who bear it.

I am not sure of the extensiveness of the Anglo-Saxon projects. Whatever policies of the United States and England may be, both respect it.

English domination of the oceans is a fait accompli. In the first place, the two continents which the diagonal of the quadrilateral unites are Saxon territories. North America and Australia, both powerful countries rich in manpower and resources, are growing daily and possess all that is necessary for unlimited prosperity. South America is, for the time being, of little interest to the United States, but if Europe does not intervene, the Americans, 30 years from now, will find a hundred excuses for intervening the way they did in the Antilles. As for China, England has taken over the very core of this gigantic warehouse of various resources. The real China, the province of Yang-Tze-Kiang and Shanghai, which is the port, are considered English possessions by the English themselves. Japan, preoccupied by its fear of Russia — without understanding that the latter is more concerned with the English, is supporting the conquest of what I call the Pacific continent. Japan will thus become a province of England or the United States and be another Hawaiian archipelago or a yellow state.

This is the reason why possession of the Philippines is so important to the Anglo-Saxons. The English are resigning to finding the Americans in the Philippines, to the exclusion of other countries. They are not disillusioning themselves in this regard as the Americans take their political revenge on Europe. They now realize that the Americans are, after all, Englishmen without ideals and without nobility.