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July 15, 1898

Reveille at 4 am. At 6 a.m. boarded an old sampan bound across the bay to establish camp at Tarnbo [Tambo]. Arrived on Bus: at 8.30 a.m. two miles from proposed camp. Lunch at 11 am. Visited the Insurgents headquarters. There had been a fight between the Spanish and the Insurgents earlier that morning and they were bringing in their dead all day. I visited the local church and found a native child waking the dead. She wore a beautiful dress with silk stockings, shoes and an elaborate cap. There was a chime of bells in the church, originally totalling eight bells but now reduced to five. Atkins bruised his finger with the tongue of the bell. Our officers spent hours with the Insurgent officers, with feasting galore. We left town at 2 p.m. and arrived at Camp Dewey at 4 p.m.