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July 16, 1898

Part of our company went on guard at 8. a.m. I was treated at hospital for a boil on the elbow, which finally healed about August 20th. At noon a battle raged between the Spanish and the Insurgents with infantry and cavalry involved. Our doctors treated the Insurgents wounded. 46 Insurgents were killed during the battle. A shell was fired on our outposts last night. Dewey sent word to the Spanish Governor that if another shell was thrown into our camp he would blow up Manila. This had the desired effect! During the day I discovered that the natives starch their clothes with rice and that they cook bamboo to make soup. At 8 pm. I left camp with Corporal Murphy and eight men for outpost duty. Captain Connolly came with us and placed us in position, then returned to camp. I was lying behind a fence with three men when the Insurgents fired three shots in out direction. There was great excitement in camp as all the soldiers thought we were under attack and wanted to come to our assistance. When the natives who fired came in sight I ran over and challenged them. They were very excited and kept saying ‘mucha amigo’. Captain Connolly came on the scene and we changed our position further up the road in some vacant houses. The fighting between the Spanish and the Insurgents went on all night.