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August 13, 1898

We left Camp Dewey at 10 a.m. to march on Manila. We formed up in battalion formation in a field of the Pasay Road where we remained for about half an hour while the fleet bombarded the Spanish trenches. We got in front of the other troops and formed a line of skirrnishers and marched towards the trenches. Captain Connolly gave us some whisky there, which was a godsend. We crossed the trenches and advanced towards a blockhouse where we soon had our flag flying.

We kept the beach all through the engagement until we entered Manila at 3 p.m. We had a few close calls but did not have any real trouble, although the regulars on our right had a pretty tough time. We went as far as Bridge of Spain where we halted to eat lunch and rest for a while. We then left for the Governor-General’s Palace at Malacañang and took up quarters. I went on guard duty and, strange to say, I was the first sergeant of the Guard the day we went into camp at Presidio, when we landed at Cavite and when we entered Manila.