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Thursday, August 25th, 1898

The Weather is pretty we are still doing Guard duty but have no drilling except Dressparade in the Evening for it is too hot we all sent Mail Home on the Senator wich leaves for the U.S. without troops do and in the we all receive Mail after Dressparade and we all went to bed happy. Fox Hustead Collins Brain Hanly and Fred Germiwine remain on the sick List

The weather is pretty. We are still doing guard duty but have no drill except for dressparade in the evening for it is too hot. We all sent mail home on the Senator which leaves for the U.S. without troops. We all receive mail after dressparade and we all went to be happy. [Robert] Fox, [Frank] Hustead, [Charles] Collins, [Frank] Brain, [James] Hanly and Fred Jennewine remain on the sick list.