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Friday, August 26th, 1898

Weather is fine but terrible hot we have no Dressparade this day I went down the Beach and gathered up some Shells and watched the Boats going in and out the River the Cable between this City and Hon Kong is in working Order again everybody is in good humor Soapy is baking some more nice Buiscit and we have another issue of fresh Meat Rush Landis & Herrington are on the Sick List

The weather is fine but hot. We have no dress parade this day. I went down to the beach and gathered up some shells and watched boats going in and out of the river. The cable between this city and Hong Kong is in working order again. Everybody is in good humor. Soapy [Frank Sullivan] is baking some more biscuits and we have another issue of fresh meat. [Ray] Rush, [Jacob] Landis and [Charles] Herrington are on the sick list.