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Saturday, August 27th, 1898

Weather is pretty we had a nice Shower during the night wich settlet the dust nicely this being my Birthday I had an invitation from my german Friend to supper with him wich I in deed enjoyed he also gave me one Box of his best Cigars we also had 3 splendid Meals at our Quarters and hope it will continue Rush Lnadis Herrington Fox Brain Baird & christopher are on the Sick List

The weather is pretty. We had a nice shower during the night which settled the dust nicely. This being my birthday I had an invitation from my German friend to supper with him which I indeed enjoyed. He also gave me one box of his best cigars. We also had three splendid meals at our quarters and hope that it will continue. [Ray] Rush, [Jacob] Landis, [Charles] Herrington, [Robert] Fox, [Frank] Brain, [John] Baird and [Frank] Christopher are on the sick list.