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Friday, September 2nd, 1898

Another beautifull day but the sun is verry hot the Heat seems more opression here than at Home and the Thermometer registers less the Weather is fine right long and most of us think the rainy Season is over we have Beans Buisicit and fresh Meat to day the Solonel visited our Quarters and promice the Captain to hav Cotts send up for the Men to Sleap on Hustead christopher Lewis Burke Hanon Dougherty and Sgt. Martin are on the Sick List!

Another beautiful day but the sun is very hot. The heat seems more oppressive here than at home and the thermometer registers less. The weather is fine right along and most of us think the rainy season is over. We have beans, biscuits and fresh meat. Today the Colonel [Alexander Hawkins] visited our quarters and promises the Captain [Daniel Bierer] to have cots sent up for the men to sleep on. [Frank] Hustead, [Frank] Christopher, [Charles] Lewis, [Charles] Burke, [Max] Hannan, [Homer] Daugherty and Sergeant [William] Martin are on the sick list.