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Wednesday, September 21st, 1898

it has raigned pretty all Night but everything looks fresh this Morning at 7 am we went on Guard at the prison where we relieved Co A the Boys are getting verry tired to perform this duty as the have to do strict “duty” There has being considerable Work done for the Boys by the Ciunanels such as Watch chains Cigarette holders Etc wich the will take home for Souviners christopher Hanan Baird James and Kennedy are on the sick List

It has rained pretty all night but everything looks fresh. This morning at 7 a.m. we went on guard duty at the prison where we relieved Company A. The boys are getting tired of performing this duty as they have to do strict duty. There has been considerable work done for the boys by the Ciunanels(?) such as watch chains, cigarette holders, etc. which they will take home for souvenirs. [Frank] Christopher, [Max] Hannan, [James] Baird and [William] Kennedy are on the sick list.