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Thursday, October 13th, 1898

This has being a wed day it is poring down continusly we do verry little duty we have medical Examination 8 of them did not pass this peculiar “Exam” we have dressparade and Inspection of Arms and recieve a pair of Government Shoes and 3 pair of Socks each it is still raigned Christopher Twist Knotts Miller Daugherty and Georg Conn are on the Sick List

This has been a wet day. It is pouring down continuously. We do very little duty. We had a medical examination. Eight of them did not pass this peculiar “exam.” We have dress parade and inspection and receive a pair of government shoes and three pairs of socks each. It is still raining. [Frank] Christopher, [David] Twist, [George] Knotts, [George] Miller, [Homer] Daugherty and [George] Conn are on the sick list.