Tuesday, November 1st , 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Sometimes a day comes which stands out from its fellows as a red letter day or day of crisis. The present day give promise of making a radical change in my future. A letter dated September 7th ’98 was received from Commandant Herbert H. Booth who is in command of the Salvation Army in Australia & Oceanica. The Com’dt informs me that I am poaching on his territory, for which he does not blame me, but he is writing London & New York re the matter. Intended to occupy the Islands but hesitated because of Spain having control. The war put a new face on affairs. He now intends to occupy them. Would like me to take charge, but fears New York will never consent to giving me up. However, if the Australasian Division cannot have my services, I must return home via Australia & see the work there & will be a “great hit” for the American War Crys, ask me to write him an exhaustive report re the Philippines – also one for their publications & wants photos. Promises to send a contingent of officers here. Evidently, the archipelago will go under his wing. I commenced writing the report. Did 3 pages.

Called at the port office twice. Another letter of importance came from Deputy Surgeon-General Henry Lippincott, who sent me a written permit to visit the U.S. hospital. Divisional – at all times. To my God be the praise.

The post office clerks furnished at my request the full names of all the captains in Rear Admiral Dewey’s fleet as follows:

“ Olympia” Capt. B. P. Lamberton;

“Boston” Capt. H. Wilds;

“Charleston” Capt. H. Glass;

“Raleigh” Capt. J. B. Coughlan;

“Baltimore” Capt. W. H. Dyer;

“Monadnock” Capt. W. H. Whiting;

“Concord” Capt. Asa Walker;

“Petnel” Capt E. P. Wood;

“Nero” Capt. G. Belknap

“Monterey” Capt. E. H. C. Lentz;

“McCullock” Capt. C. H. Hooper; also

“Brutus,” Capt. V. L. Coltman; “Manila”, Capt. F. Singer; “Callao”, B. Tappan; “Manshan”, Capt. B. W. Hughes.

This list will be of value to me when planning for services on board the main vessels.

Took Bro. Clayton T. Scott’s photo, on horseback. Also gave him for distribution among the Astor battery men, 10 copies No. 557 War Cry (S.F.) July 30th ’98, containing my first published report of Philippine expedition. (20) copies No. 563 Cry, Sept. 10th ’98 printing 2d report. Scott brought me a gift of fresh steak – Australian brought in a refrigerator ship, which was highly relished fried with onion for supper.

Visitors 4.

Spoke to several soldiers on the street personally about Christ & salvation.

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