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Friday, November 4th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Exciting new is in this evening: hostilities have been renewed between the United States and Spain. The peace conference in Paris has come to an abrupt termination. The U.S. it seems demanded all the Philippines. If the U.S. demands less than the Carolines, Ladrones and Canaries additional to the Philippines I think she will demand too little. If it was in the cause of humanity that Cuba was forced from Spanish bondage the same act of clemency should be extended to all the remaining colonies. The cause of Christianity would thus be advanced. Spain is wedded to Romanism & the dead past.

Heavy shower today. Good weather.

Purchased $10 (gold) worth of silver. Rec’d $20.20 Mexican & Spanish silver.

Visitors today 16.

Purchased a Spanish pamphlet entitled “Beri-Beri”. Paid 50 cts. Mex. for it. Also got this “American” 10 cts Mex. & 6 photographs of Philippine people & scenes for War Cry & Australasian publications as per Comd’t Herbert Booth’s request. Pd $2 mex.

Commenced writing another article for the Melbourne S.A. magazine Victory, accompany the pictures.

Cooked breakfast & supper & satisfied hunger with a cold dinner. Swept out the parlor. Hired a Filipino boy to clean the stairs & landing for 7 cts mex.

About 7.30 p.m. commenced a holiness meeting. 11 soldiers present. Montana, Nebraska, North & South Dakota and Colorado men came, but not a single 3d artilleryman. At close praise God, 5 kneeled at the table & & claimed sanctification.