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Friday, November 18th, 1898

It has raigned most part of the Night but the Morning is niese and clear and the Birds are sweetly singing the Air is compfortable I am now attached to doe duty at Headquarter this relieves me from all other duty we have fresh Meat again 6 men and a Sergant is on Guard we have Guard Mount now at Headquarters our Mail leaves to day via Hong Kong I send 2 letters and some paper Murphie Wodard and Joe Johnson & Walter Collins

It has rained most of the night but the morning is nice and clear and the birds are sweetly singing. The air is comfortable. I cam now attached to do duty at Headquarters. This relieves me from all other duty. We have fresh meat again. Six men and a sergeant are on guard. We have guard mount now at Headquarters. Our mail eaves today via Hong Kong. I sent two letters and some paper. [Jesse] Murphy, [James] Woodward and Joe Johnson and Walter Collins.