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Sunday, November 20th, 1898

This is another niece day and the Sun is out as hot as ever I went to work at 6 oClock at Headquart and cut Meat there is no drilling to doe so the Boys are taken in the Sights of Manila and Suroundings good many attend Catolic Services in the afternon the YMCA tenth wich was blowing down 3 diffrnt times last Week is ones more put up and the are having Services 3 times to day our Regiment will worship to Night with the Colerada Vol at the Opera House their Band is going to entertain us with sweet Musick after Benediction Collins Murphie Johnson and Wodard remain on the sick Book

This is another nice day and the sun is out as hot as ever. I went to work at 6 o\’clock at Headquarters and cut meat. There is no drilling to do so the boys are taking in the sights of Manila and its surroundings. A good many attend Catholic services in the afternoon. The YMCA tent, which was blown down three different times last week, is once more put up and they are having services three times today. Our regiment will worship tonight with the Colorado Volunteers at the Opera House. Their band is going to entertain us with sweet music after benediction. [Walter] Collins, [Jesse] Murphy, [Joseph] Johnson and [James] Woodward remain on the sick book.