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Tuesday, November 22nd, 1898

This is a fine day we have a heavy Rain in the afternoon wich lasted 3 days the Co went trough the regular Routine of Buisnes we had Inspection of our Quarters and also recieved Mail I recieved one from Home most of the Boys spent their time in writing in afternoon and evening as the Mail goes out the nexct morning I wrote one to my Wife and also sent some News papers we recieved fresh Meat again R Wilson is discharged from Hospital but is of duty Collins Sulivan Coiner Hustead Murphie and Wodard are on the Sick List

This is a fine day. We have a heavy rain in the afternoon which lasted three days the company went through the regular routine of business. We had inspection of our quarters and also received mail. I received one from home. Most of the boys spent their time in writing in the afternoon and evening as mail goes out. The next morning I wrote one to my wife and also sent some newspapers. We received fresh meat again. R Wilson is discharged from hospital but is off duty. [Walter] Collins, [Frank] Sullivan, [Louis] Coyner, [Frank] Hustead, [Jesse] Murphy and [James] Woodward are on the sick list.