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Tuesday, Jan. 3d, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

I am forty-seven years of age today.

Was born in Houston, Texas. January 3d, 1852. The swiftly passing years do not cause regret by their flight because my time is being spent for God and humanity. I am very tired today or rather tonight. Have been on the jump since early morning.

Prayer & bible reading the first part of the day. Cooked and partook of breakfast next & washed dishes. Wrote & copied 2 letters. Mailed the same.

Went to post office this forenoon & received a large registered mail from L.B. Armstrong, Barcelona, Spain via French post. Bro. Armstrong would not trust the Spanish postal authorities with this literature: Gospel (Tagalog) St. Lukes, 16 mo. Flex 1898 copies 36: San Marcos, Do. 30 copies, Spanish” – Tal Maestro Tales Decipulos”, (by Rev. Spurgeon) pamphlet, ppg. 32 copies, 30 “El Evangelista”, Barcelona, Año VII – 1890, bound books, 10 copies Do. Añon -1829 paper cover ppg. 96 – 4 copies, Do. X:’93, 4 copies; XI – 1894, 4 copies; Do. XIII, 1896 copies 3. Also 48 copies for Sept. 98; 19 October, ’98; 33 November, 1898. Specimen Hymn Books 3.

A package was also brought me by a Filipino from Don Eulalio Carmelo, a native who received it from Brother Armstrong in Spain. Armstrong is a missionary 67 years of age & has spent many years in that class of labor. He longs to see the pure gospel preached in the Philippines. For that reason he Spanish & Tagalog books, pamphlets & papers.

I received a very cheering letter from Major C. L. Tilden who is one of the firm controlling the Overland Transportation & Warehouse Company. Bluxome St. San Francisco. I described his entry when sick, into Manila the day of the capture, with his battalion (3d ) of the First California volunteers. The write-up is in one of my War Cry articles. I wrote the firm to send me a warehouse receipt for the last 2 cases stored with them & a statement showing my indebtedness for storage. The latter he did not send & explained because he did not charge me storage. This is excellent because many dollars will be saved me. Praise God.

Returning from the post office through the drizzling rain. I saw a Filipino man & woman go up to a white poster & look at it. I followed and read the same which was printed in English. Was put up today evidently. Did not see it yesterday. The poster announced that hereafter no public works of any character can be started on the Philippines without first obtaining authority from the United States government. This is equivalent to saying that no other government is recognized here.

This means that affairs have reached a crisis.

News came (rumors) from Iloilo – is talked of among the Filipinos – that the 51st Iowa, 18th Infantry & 6th Artillery had a fight & 100 Americans were killed & 100 more were captured. Ridiculous!

Cooked some cocoa & took a cold bite then hastened away to the 2d Reserve Hospital in Malate. Was too late for meeting, so did not lead it. Found Bro. Temple. Together we hunted       Stegeman & talked salvation to him; also kneeled & prayed by his bedside. A letter from ex-Staffcaptain John Garbrett, San Francisco, requested me to hunt him up to help him religiously.

From the 2d Reserve I called at the quarters of the 14th U.S. regulars looking for Corporal Sam Fisher & C.H. Goetz Co. K. Freeman to give him West Berkely Cal. newspapers from Mrs. B. Wheeler of the local Red Cross Society. The latter gentleman re plans to circulate Spanish & Tagalog religious publications. Failed to meet them. Jumped on a street car & proceeded to the quarters of the 1st California Vol. Inf. The troops were in marching order. I went there to hunt Chas Beede for his people at Antioch Cal. to learn how he was getting a long. Had already gone on board a steamer with his company – A. This regiment is sailing under sealed orders on four steamers. Many of the soldiers tonight of the First Cal. are filling the salons & drinking heavily disgracing the name of American. These men need Jesus to change their hearts lives. When Christians desert Christ how can we expect sinners to flock to His standard.

Loaned Rev. Owens $2. Mex. this a.m. He repaid it at dark. Rent is due again (advance) for No. 2 ($35. Mex.) I called at the Anglo-Indian-Australasian-Chinese bank and bought $15 gold worth of Mexican silver dollar. Received $30.45. Am preparing to pay my rent. Up to date have not received a cent rent from the Owens’. They are hard pressed for cash.

Cooked supper & then rushed away again (3d time this day). Streets sloppy and my feet wet. Took horse cars part of the distance & walked nearby the way to the 1st Montana quarters (   battalion) out in San Miguel to lead the usual Tuesday night meeting.

I had a premonition that it would be broken up by war alarms & so it was. Started our meeting as usual in the tent 7.o’clock. Audience 17. Half Salvationists – about – All the testimonies were in & I was giving my testimony to the saving & keeping power of Christ. Was interrupted by a Lieutenant-acting Adjutant coming in & surrounding the Montana men to quarters. They rushed out & our meeting came to an abrupt end. One or 2 pm other regiments remained & I closed with prayer.

During the day I spoke to several men in hospital & barrack about Christ & salvation.

Visitors at No. 2 Calle Santa Elena – about 5. When I am absent cannot keep track of the number of visitors.

Ex-Rev-David Brown – formerly Methodist minister in Montreal, Canada, has just returned from town drunk. Is a bright, young man but alas is fast traveling the road of ruin. Rev. Owens went security or rather rented the room occupied by Brown. The latter said he came, to this country to start life over again. Owens & the writer have been inclined to help him, likewise others, but also apparently in vain.

He professed to get healed of his backslidings at the table where I am now writing & testified in our Tuesday night Montana meeting, but his good intentions have apparently evaporated. Brown has a good job now – so far as salary goes but is not likely to keep it.