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Monday, Jan. 16th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Hot sultry weather; cloudy but dry. Went to post office; no mail. While down town ordered from Chofre & Co. 3 blank books like this one for diary purposes. Promised to have them finished in 4 or 5 days at $2 each. I read tonight in the Evening “Times” of Manila that this dentist I met on the Cavite ferry boat recently, Senor J. Arevalo, was arrested on suspicion of being implicated in getting out a ridiculous manifesto addressed to Americans & purporting to have been written by an American. This absurd document calls on Americans not to fight the Filipinos etc. I secured a copy in Cavite during my last visit there. Arevalo did not answer the letter I wrote him re the Protestant publications which I have on hand.

I remained at house all day following my return and went thro’ my accounts. Up to date my personal expenses and general work expense have been kept together. This was unavoidable because of the peculiar circumstances surrounding my send-off from San Francisco. I was given $100 to cover my expenses & was promised a regular salary, the latter however hung – fine several months. Finally, Nov. 25th I drew my first installment of $18. Am receiving $9 a week paid by San Francisco & charged against New York. At $9 a week my salary for July (I left San Francisco June 28th) August & September – 12 weeks would be $108. It will readily be seen that on the score of salary, Headquarters are considerably behind with the am’t due me; however that part cuts but a small figure as I am not here specially for money but for the glory of God & the good of humanity. From this date I am calling it square for convenience and will keep a separate account of such personal expenses as are not connected with Salvation army work.

Private Flansberg of the 13th Minnesota vol. Inf. came in after supper. I prayed with him & advised him not to marry a certain mestizo woman who is drawing him into the matrimonial net. F. says he feels God is opposed to the match but he cannot give her up. __ No soldiers meeting tonight. The troops are kept close inside their quarters ready for the expected rupture with the Filipino army now encircling Manila & Cavite on the land side. – Visitors to No. 2, only 1.