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Sunday, Jan. 29th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cloudy with slight showers; weather getting warmer.

Remained at home all day. Early morning given to prayer & bible reading. By invitation took breakfast with Rev. & Mrs. Chas Owens. In the Encyclopedia Brittanica borrowed from Owens read carefully parts of the chapters devoted to Molusca, with a view to writing an article for the New York Easter War Cry.

Wrote for my next San Francisco War Cry report, the subdivision entitled “Bilibib”. [Bilibid]

A cold dinner satisfied my appetite; supper I cooked of bacon (fried) cocoa & oatmeal mush. Washed dishes then more prayer to prepare for meeting. My audience only 7. Troops are kept close in their quarters; 2 from Utah Batteries –Ackault & Green– Temple of the 2d Reserve hospital, Scott, Quartermaster’s department, Landon, 3d Artillery; Perkins do, & Private Edward Stockton, Co. H. 1st Colorado vol. infantry. The latter recently returned from the Convalescent’s Hospital at Corregidor, where backslid and returned to gambling. Stockton slipped away from his company and came up to No. 2 expressly to get saved over again. At the close he knelt at the writing table & claimed Christ once more for his Savior. With the exception of Scott & Temple the men tried to get back to their quarters by 8 p.m. In the service I read the letter –parts– rec’d from Mrs. Brigadier Elizabeth Swift Prengle & called the comrades attention to to the Acquiantance League. Asked them to think & pray over it & take time before acting.

Of the Chinese War Cry No. 13, M.L. Devine (Landon) sold $2.30 worth Mexican.

Asked Stockton to arrange for a meeting with the Colorados.