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Sunday. Feb. 12, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Sta. Elena.

Remained at home all day in Manila, sleepy and tired. Have been on the go to & from the front all week. Felt like remaining at home because there is a lull in the storm of war. Chaplain Stevenson of the Idaho Vol. Inf. called on Rev. Chas. Owens this afternoon. The chaplain reported that a Spaniard had just been captured from inside the Insurrectos’ lines, who said the strength of the Filipino army in Malibon [Malabon] is about 10,000. Stevenson said he saw their line about 3 miles long. The line is not thin and weak. The American line is about 18 miles long. This information from a Utah artilleryman. We are under the necessity of protecting Manila on three sides.

Weather cloudy & cool with light showers.

Cooked breakfast & supper. In both cases fried bacon, oatmeal mush and cocoa. Bro. Owens gave me an apple which helped out at breakfast time. Dinner water & jelly on bread.

Commenced writing a report of the past weeks’ events as viewed through my eyes & heard thro’ my ears, for the San Francisco War Cry. They are giving me considerable space for my matter & illustrating the same fully.

The dear Lord is giving me good health of body, praise His name & delivering me from the power of temptation. Spiritual adversaries the Holy Ghost checks.

Wrote 11 pages MSS. Held no meeting. No soldiers came.