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Thursday, March 2d, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

Quite early soldiers commended arriving and dropped in almost all day.

Bible reading, prayer, breakfast cooked and partaken of, & dishes was introduced me to an ordinary day. Fixed myself to go down town. Private Devine came in from the front –near Caloocan. Had a talk with him & prayer; to refresh him prepared a tin cup full of lemonade. Private Herron of the Nebraska volunteers, infantry called. His regiment is several miles beyond Camp Santa Mesa at the City water pumping plant. Claims as did Devine, to be keeping saved, but confessed that he noticed a bad spirit in a developing desire to kill Filipinos. Gave him a spiritual talk and prayed with him. I feel encouraged in Herron’s case.

With Rev. Owens called at the post office. He visited Bishop Thoburn at the English hotel & I dropped in a Spanish barber shop on the Escolta for a shave. Fell in with Private Clayton Scott who was discharged from the General Hospital today & returns to his work as mounted orderly for the U.S. Quartermaster’s Dep’t. Scott returned home with me about noon. I bought a pie, a box of guayrar jelly, & made some lemonade which was made to answer for dinner. Scott had money in deposit with me. He withdrew all today & made me a payment of $3. U.S. coin for Tenth League dues/ So I have no money on deposit now for anybody. Keeping money is ticklish work just now, in this period of house burning, shooting & civil war. I heard that the banks keep their money on a vessel in the Bay.

Visitors 4. All soldiers.

Rev. Owens had a chill.

Soldiers say the Insurrectos are starving. On outpost they lay aside their cartridge & guns, come over to American sentries, to chat, smoke cigarettes and beg food.