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Monday, March 6, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

The weather is dry and comparatively cool. Our troops do not find blue wool uncomfortable. Private Hines of the Montana’s took his blue overcoat out this p.m. Said he was too cold at nights without it for comfort. Perhaps this may appear strange for a tropical land.

First thing this morning after washing face etc, Bible reading & prayer. Finished reading Genesis. God’s ways are wonderful as proved in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph. Praise be to His glorious name forever.

After breakfast wrote & copied a letter of introduction which I wrote to L.B. Armstrong, Barcelona, Spain in favor of an ex-Spanish Artilleryman Senor Jose Aguiar whose residence in Spain is Orense Verin, Villamayor. This man was taken prisoner by the Americans at the capitulation of Manila. His enlistment expired during his imprisonment, but the Governor General insisted on all Spanish military men returning home, so he must go. Got acquainted with him as he was a frequent visitor at No. 2, taking English lessons from Rev. Owens.

I loaned Owens 50 cts Mex. today. Had no change.

Was introduced by Dr. Kellog to his wife who has recently arrived. Three or 4 visitors called. Prayed with 2, urged one to seek salvation. Went to town in the forenoon. Rec’d 2 letters & several papers & magazines. A Christian mother in Pennsylvania asked me to hunt her boy Tom Anderson who she thinks is in the 8th Army corps down here. Said he was converted several years ago in the S.A. in Montana. I passed the letter on to Private Hines to make inquiries in the Montana regiment for him with request to ret. letter.

Catalogued & wrapped some curios and relics.

Was shaved in a Spanish barber shop on the Escolta.

Did some reading in the Local Officer; –for S.A. Sergeants.

Fighting today out on the front: vicinity of the water works. —