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Monday, March 6th, 1899

This has being a quiet Night until 5 o Clock when the Oregans had a hot Engagement wich lasted until noon in the afternoon the Sharpshooters Kept themselfes buisy but we did not take any Notice of them the Papers quit anouncing the Number of Killed and wounded but its nearly a hundred Killed and about 400 wounded the Sick and Wounded are doing fine all is quiet at Taps I am sleeping in the Trenches to Night

This has been a quiet night until 5 o’clock when the Oregonians had a hot engagement which lasted until noon. In the afternoon, the sharpshooters kept themselves busy but we did not take any notice of them. The papers are announcing the number of killed and wounded, but it is nearly a hundred killed and about 400 wounded. The sick and wounded are doing fine. All is quiet at Taps. I am sleeping in the trenched tonight.