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April 19, 1899

We woke up one hour earlier and said Mass. After that Father Parache decided that we would all go to the boat to show that “per modum facti” we were going to embark. However, before everybody had left the house, the superior of the Benedictines came with an official note which ordered two of us to come to the Jefatura. Fr. Parache and Fr. Foradada went there with the superior of the Benedictines and another of their Fathers. Meanwhile, all had left the convent and gone to the boat. After a long while Father Parache and the others who had gone to the local authority, came back and said that the latter stood by what they had said, and that consequently it was necessary that one Father and one Brother stay behind. As a result Father Llobera and Brother Simon did stay. The Brother was without his suitcase because everything had already been loaded; he was, so to say, left with only the walls of the convent.