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Wednesday, April 19th, 1899

Cavite, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Hot day, although heavy clouds hung in the sky and breezes fanned sultry atmosphere from time to time. Up early & out of bed. Bible lesson and prayer. Cooked breakfast, partook thereof and washed the dishes in a hurry. Then proceeded down to the quay on front of the U.S. Quartermaster’s depot paid 20 cents Mex, fare & traveled 12 miles to Cavite. Saw the battleship “Oregon” in all the glory of white paint and black guns. First time that I have seen the now famous fighter since her completion. Was present in San Francisco at the launching of the hull.

Cavite is filling with Filipinos again. When the war broke out these people cleared out in short order.

This day might appropriately be termed a prayer circle day. I chased up and down the streets of Cavite an hour or two trying to find Private Chester Blaney of H. G. 10th Pennsylvania Vol. Inf., who was on guard detail. At last I found my man in bed resting on the back second floor of the Colegio de la Sagrada Familia – Roman Catholic – made notorious by the Filipinos (this building) when filled with sick and starving Spanish prisoners when I first landed in Cavite last July. I talked with him about various subjects not omitting spiritual. When about to leave I knelt down & prayed & requested Blaney to do the same. He bowed his head but did not kneel or pray. Says he is keeping saved. Advised him to be brave for Jesus or be aggressive. Together we visited a backslider Salvationist, but the latter appeared asleep.

Bidding Blaney good-bye I crossed the street to the Divisional hospital. Met Brother [A.J] Smith. Together we visited Bro. Hans [Verweibe], Salvationist, pastry cook, Verweibe, myself, Brother A.J. Smith, Hospital corps, Bro. Geo Baker of A. Battery, California Heavy Artillery had a little prayer gathering of our own in the sleeping room occupied by Verweibe and Smith on the ground floor of the hospital. Up stairs I was take to Bro. Z. K. Miller of the Ice factory. The latter not satisfied with the quietude of the ice plant, wen out to the front & helped the North Dakota regiment in battle. Consequence: sun struck or over heated. He is improving again. I kneeled down & prayed with him.

Verweibe accompanied me to the Naval Hospital down in the Arsenal. A sailor on Calle Real informed me that Bro. Eletson was therein sick. When I entered the main entrance the first thing that caught my eye was a commode with a bible & small book – help to the study of the bible – on top & behold near behind the door lay Brother e. on a cot. He is troubled with malaria, & thro’ too much hard work broke down. Looks pale. Comforted him. Before leaving kneeled down by his bedside & prayed. Says the Doctor may send him to the U.S. Naval hospital at Yokohama, Japan. Showed me two begging letters one from Adj. Ellis, Yokohama, which stated that the S.A. Sailors’ Home is running behind & that unless same thing was done financially it may have to be closed. I was under the impression that that home was a source of income. Staff Captain Symour S. A. Sailor’s Home at HongKong also wants money. The S/C complains of his wife’s poor health & hints that a change of climate may be necessary.

Verweibe gave me $7 U.S. coin Tenth League payment.
I spoke to several individuals personally re salvation.

Arriving in Manila, called at the post office. Returned home, cooked supper, washed dishes & am now tired & sleepy.