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Tuesday, June 20th 1899

 Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo Dist.

Forenoon cloudy with sun out at brief periods; uncomfortably warm.

In afternoon heavy black clouds rolled down from the North. Thunder lightning & light shower; same has continue til now & promises wet night.

This morning read a chapter in Deuteronomy; prayed. Then cooked breakfast. Am quite lonely in my big quarters. Think of it; one lodger occupying 8 large apartments and two kitchens!

Wrote & copied 4 letters (1) Staff Capt. W. J. Turner, Spokane Wash. re candidate Geo Berry; (2) Lt-Col. Alice Lewis, New York, 31stWeekly Letter; (3) Private Chester Blaney Co. H. 10th Penn. Vols. Corregidor Is. advising him to remain true to Christ & not do anything doubtful – ie. using Tobacco or playing cards; (4) Private Sam’l Jensen, L. Co. 1st Washington Vols. telling him for his encouragement what the orderly said about his consistency for Christ, & counselling to continue to shine for his Lord.

About 11.30 a.m. I mounted the Calle Jolo car & rode to the post office. Not having change for 5 cents the conductor gave me a free ride. Rec’d a letter at the General Delivery window from Private Geo. S. Bertrand, Co. 1st South Dakota Vols. Writes that he rec’d orders to send in his name for discharge. Will rent the rooms of me vacated by the Owens; also will buy my gramophone for $50. Good news to me. Praise God.

Met a Nebraska private on the Escolta. Invited me to visit the regimental quarters. Said the boys liked the meetings held with them at Camp Santa Mesa & would be glad to see me before returning home. Expect to embark tomorrow or the next day.

Must chronicle that Bertrand has taken a partner – a mustered out soldier – Walter Woster.

Shortly after noon in came a Filipino man bowing & smiling quite profusely. Brought me 3 Decoration Day War Crys (San Francisco) in one wrapper. Paid the man 10 cents Mex. for fetching it but wondered why the clerk did not give it me when I inquired for mail. The letter carries who take mail around to houses from the post office are volunteer; one can give them a fee or not just as one my feel inclined.

The Cry (No. 600 edition) contains one of my Filipino narratives. No. 599 editions has not arrived or reached me yet.

Read San Francisco War Cry, S.F. Examiner, London, Eng. War Cry and Manila daily “Freedom”.

Cooked supper  – oatmeal mush & cocoa. Apples are a rarity. Bought 2 wretched little things. Paid 12 cents, Mex.

After supper Private Jas E. Marton, K. Battery. 3Reg’t Heavy Artillery called to see me. Long talk of military affairs – battles, soldiers’ grievances, mustering out etc. then I turned the conversation on his personal salvation. Eyes moist. Wants to get saved but not tonight. Wife & other relatives Presbyterians. He insulted a friend for writing a religious letter to him, but promised to pray tonight.