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Wednesday, June 21st 1899

Cavite, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Warm day. About 3 p.m. or there about afternoon [now] clouds roll down from the north accompanied by thunder & lightnings & a show ensues sometimes light & sometimes otherwise.

Morning chapter in Deuteronomy & prayer. Cooked breakfast of coffee & oatmel mush. Since my stomach commenced to trouble me I have slacked up a lime juice & fried ham.

Bought & read the daily “Freedom”. During the afternoon in the missionary magazine (3) “The Gospel in All Lands” Nos. 3, 9, & 11. I read: “Part of the Concern”, “The World Need Evangelism”, “Missions as Related to the War With Spain”, “Some Facts About the Philippines”, “Mission Work Among the Malays”, “Religion in China”, “The African” magazine no. 1 read the Preface, “Africa Generally”, “Repatriation of American Negroes”. Also read several articles in the San Francisco “Examiner”.

Went to post office this a.m. about 10.30 o’ clock. The General Delivery clerk said no letter. Two p.m. or thereabouts the Filipino brought a New York letter. Did not give him a fee. I cannot understand why the letter was not given me at the windom. The letter is from Lt.-Col. Alice Lewis, dated May 12th & refers to No. 21 weekly letter written by me. Lewis letters is guarded but reading between the lines I gather that Com. & Counsel Booth-Tucker will soon be sending me farewell orders to leave the Philippines.

Rev. Rodgers, Presbyterian missionary called to see me re the Filipino servant boy who worked for Owens & I re his character etc. Invited me to call & see him.

With the prospect of impending change, I commenced to arrange my collection of Philippine land & sea shells with a view to cataloguing & packing them for shipment. Cooked supper of oatmeal mush & cocoa. While so engaged Private (Bro.) Devine (Landrum) K. Battery 3Heavy Artillery, came in unexpectedly from the 1stReserve Hospital. Is improving in health; praise the Lord.

I felt a little weak & somewhat droopy today.