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Thursday, June 22d 1899

Manila, Luzon Island – Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo

Shower at time of writing – about 7.30 p.m. Sun out this forenoon & hot. Afternoon as usual a thunder shower.

Out of bed about 6.30 a.m. Read a chapter in Deuteronomy. Prayed Cooked breakfast of ham, cocoa & oatmeal mush. Coffee seems to excite my never too much & ham does not agree with my stomach, so have slacked up on the two latter. Am feeling droopy. Indisposed and run down.

Read “England Possesions in Africa” & articles in “Freedom” S. F. & New York, War Crys. Also glanced over London War Cry & 2 S. A. magazines, “The Officer” & “Local Officer”. Some of the latter today came from S. F. & New York by mail.

Paid the carrier 2 cents.

From letter I rec’d from the delivery clerk: (4) Mrs. Annie E. Goffin, 1001 Center St. Oakland Cal. answer to my letter of sympathy re the sad death of her husband, (2) Com. Booth-Tucker’s weekly letter (3) Com. B.-Tucker announcing withdrawal of Major Winant from New York H. Q. & resignation of his rank. Letter does not give details – says financial reasons. A dark omen at the present time. Winant is an American & one of the most Godly officers at the national center. (4) Dr. (Adjutant) F. Nice of Social Dept. N. York, requesting me to hunt up one Fred Wilson of the 17th U.S. Infantry.

Just before dinner – went out to Malate next to the 2Reserve Hospital to the Nipa barracks. Wanted to see the 1st Nebraska Vols. break camp & bid Bro. Heron & others good-bye. Was too late. The troop embarked this morning. Hurried homeward & stopped in at the Cuartel Meisig of H. Battery, 3Reg’t Heavy Artillery to bid Bro. Nevin farewell. He returns to Los Angeles Cal. on the steamer too.

Private (Bro.) Landrum called to see me this afternoon. His come back to his quarters from the hospital. Much better in health. Remained about 2 hours. We had prayer before he departed.

Following Landrum’s departure, I arranged my collection of Philippine shells 124 varieties, numbering 1,000 shells large & small. Also have 28 varieties of land shells, numbering 97. Theconchological cabinet is becoming valuable.