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Monday, October 2, 1899.

It has been cool and cloudy and I am beginning to get back my strength. The day in the hospital usually starts in at 6 a.m., my hombre, or man, bringing in a washbasin with water to wash in, and about seven the day nurse relieves the night nurse and we have breakfast. During the morning we have an eggnog, and then lunch at twelve. The afternoon brings another eggnog, and about once a week we have ice cream. Supper comes at six, and it is dark at seven-thirty. The doctor comes in the morning and at night, but he has little work to do in this ward, for there are only eight or ten officers here. When I was here before, about a month ago, for three or four days, the ward was full. The rainy season is drawing to a close, and as there has been little, if any, campaigning, on account of the heavy rains, there has not been much sickness.